A novel in verse … and the writing thereof
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What Rose Said

     You was making no sense, girl. Crazy talk, that’s what it was,

just crazy. Talking about that man like he was a fish.

“All you had to do was reel him in,” you said.

               Now what does that mean?

     Hang on a sec—there any service in this place? Oh, hi, Miss. Two

hamburgers, please, and two malts—no, I’m not eating both,

you’re eating one. Not you, Miss; my pale friend here. I know,

she looks like she needs beefing up, doesn’t she. We’re

working on it.

     Now where was I? Right.

So you say, “I left you to bring him in gentle-like,”

but you’re not talking, you’re yelling,

so loud I had my hands over my ears while I was running up

to pull you off her. (Have you ever tried to run

with your hands over your ears? Does a weird number

on your tits. Try it sometime.) —So,

     “You just had to land him,” you says, “but no,” you says,

“you had to let him go.”

     Daisy said—once I got you settled a bit—

for you to take the day off, and me too.

So, “Let’s take us a walk,” I say, and that’s when

you go for me.

“A walk!” you says. “There’s a war on, there’s men

dying all around, and you want to take a walk?”

I couldn’t believe she was making me laugh,

and had to ask, what she’d said then?

     I’m gettin’ there, don’t hurry me. I said,

“Not just any walk, honey. We’re gonna take us

     a real long, extra-special walk.”

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