A novel in verse … and the writing thereof
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Three More Days

Dear Cory,

     Wait a minute, where are you going,

     where have you gone, what happened here?

I know that you’re angry, but I hope

I know you were angry, and I wish

Dear Cory,

I know you were very angry with me after

     our unfortunate confrontation yesterday, but I’m sure that after you’ve

     had time to think, you’ll realize

Dear Cory,

How dare you walk out on me

               that way and not come back, not call

for two days now

no word, and no idea

     wrong wrong plenty of those

too many for comfort

                    and too much time to

     wonder where you are

Dear Cory

     I know I did something foolish, but

               aren’t you overreacting here

                    just a bit?

     I said I was sorry, and I am,

               so let it pass, why don’t you?

Dear Cory

     I can hardly believe I did that

               you’d think I’d have more sense

All right, you didn’t say,

“This is private” but I knew

     and what will this do

               to your trust oh

what lottery offers that as a prize

and how will I know

               the winning number now I’ve

     torn up my ticket and

               thrown it away?

Only forgiveness will save us now

that’s what it comes to, either

you can or

                    you can’t.

     I’ll do my part, I swear. Then,

I can only hope

     you love me

               more than your anger.

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